I currently live in St. George, Utah where I started my photography journey. I believe in capturing moments with a romantic, elegant, and light style. I set trends aside and deliver images you would want to show your children and their children. I'm self taught, but I educate myself as much as I can every year through friends in the industry or by attending workshops. My photography journey started when my husband and I were newlyweds trying to get by, working two jobs and barely staying afloat.  

When my life became just about work, I needed a creative outlet. Justin (husband) bought me a Canon 60D for my birthday. Photography was the outlet I needed to start feeling like myself again and start being as creative as I could imagine. Years went by where I just did it for fun, then my son was born and it made me realize the value of the photograph even more. I knew this was my true calling and made photography into my career. 

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